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With a unique vision of ‘Stories beyond Black & White’, the new content division will bring reimagined pan-Indian stories for national and international audiences

Noida, 22nd January, 2021: With an aim to empower, enlighten, and entertain the novel viewer of today, ‘ABP Studios’ is all set to add a slew of new services to ABP Network’s rich portfolio. Through innumerable awe-inspiring stories as well as unique content, it will add meaning to the lives of the discerning, new-age viewers of this era.
ABP Studios is a content and production company based in Mumbai which combines a collective experience of knowledge on India with a team full of experts in their own domain. The studio offers a diversity of services such as IP Creation, production, co-production of fiction & non-fiction content across various platforms, Licensing & Syndication services, Brand Solutions, Second Screen and Interactive content.  
Driven by a team of multilingual, platform agnostic storytellers, the studio will offer path-breaking content, to help reimagine the stories of the nation through a vision that transcends ‘black and white’. It will delve deeper into the grey areas of every narrative, with a tremendous focus on the Indian context. The Studios will identify, curate, and nurture stories from different regions that connect & unify a country as diverse as India. From mythological to historical feats, from popular fiction to the avant-garde & quirky stories of local heroes – the new content production arm is on the quest to find every untold story from the depths of this diverse country and share them with global audiences. 
The creators of ABP Studios believe that stories with heart have no language. Their vision is for local Indian stories to become world stories and not remain limited in their appeal. 
Aligned with the network’s overarching vision, the production company’s content promises to have a ‘purpose’. It will allow Indian and international audiences to ‘engage with’, rather than escape from their realities. And most importantly, it will hold up a mirror for today, to inspire a better tomorrow. 
The new productions are already underway and will soon make its way onto various OTT platforms. 
Speaking on this announcement, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network said, “We are taking an important step towards engaging with the new-age content consumers of this era. With the introduction of a more focused segment on content production, we will be able to effectively build upon our competitive advantages to create greater value for our customers and stakeholders alike. I am confident that our new venture is well-positioned to lead the ABP brand – to the next phase of its development.” 
Expressing her thoughts on the same, Ms. Zulfia Waris, Business Head, ABP Studios said, “ABP Studios is a very special division that offers something unique to the viewers of today. It goes beyond black-and-white, to find hidden perspectives and underlying meanings that lie within the ‘grey’ areas. We have been dedicatedly working towards turning this dream into a reality and are absolutely elated to announce that we will soon be sharing the many inspiring, empowering, and distinct tales of our nation with diverse set of audiences worldwide.”
Sharing his experience with the Brand, Jacob Benbunan, Co-Founder and CEO at Saffron Brand Consultants said, “We were thrilled to be involved in this new venture with ABP Network, being a part of the entrepreneurial drive that is so ubiquitous at ABP. Having worked closely with Avinash and his team on the evolution of the Network brand we already had a good understanding of the ambition for ABP Studios. Our team took on the challenge and built something which could only come from this organization, I truly believe that the boldness of the design typifies the culture and motivation of ABP. This is a brand that seeks to do things above and beyond conventions and we’re glad to have played a part in it. We wish Zulfia and her team the best of luck in building this wonderful new business venture.”
Taking through his thought, Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman & CCO 82.5 Communications said, “When you shine the light on the greys of life, you’re rewarded with stories of startling color, clarity and truth. It is with this focus that ABP Studios is born today—with this new light in which the world will now get to see India afresh.”

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