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Subrata Roy Sahara, the founder of the Sahara India Group, bid farewell to the world at the age of 75 on November 14. As the news of Subrata Roy’s demise spread, a wave of mourning swept through the business world. Popularly known as ‘Saharasri,’ Subrata Roy Sahara initiated his business journey from Gorakhpur, laying the foundation of ‘Sahara India Pariwar’, which later illuminated the lives of millions of families. In memory of Saharasri, a film based on his life will be aired on Bharat Express News channel on November 23 at 8 PM, followed by a humble tribute.

Upendrra Rai, the Chairman of Bharat Express, was closely associated with Saharasri. Upon hearing the news of Saharasri’s demise, UpendrraRai was deeply moved. While paying tribute to Saharasri, Upendrra Rai expressed, The untimely passing of Sahara Shri felt like a disruption to the natural rhythm of life. His was a multifaceted persona that drew both admirers and critics. The metamorphosis from Chandan to Subrata Roy, the evolution of Subrata Roy into Subrata Roy Sahara, and ultimately the emergence of Sahara Shri is a singular and emotionally poignant journey. I consider it my duty to unveil the real man behind the regal and glamorous image—a person untouched by the surrounding glitterati, leading a life of detachment akin to that of a hermit. Depth of Love and passion being his two greatest traits often misunderstood by some. I had the good fortune of conversing with Sahara Shri just 120 hours before his demise. It was surprising to witness how unfazed he was by the inevitability of death even at this stage. Rarely have I encountered anyone accepting this ultimate reality of life with such sangfroid. This movie, scheduled to be broadcast on Bharat Express, serves as a humble tribute from both myself and the Bharat Express News Network to the departed soul.

After laying the foundation of ‘Sahara India Pariwar’, Subrata Roy elevated it to great heights. Through Sahara India, the company reached every household in the country, and Saharasri’s influence extended beyond the borders of the nation, even reaching London. The stature of ‘Saharasri’ was such that many dignitaries from politics to Bollywood and the sports world frequented his presence. Many of them shared a good friendship with him. At one time, a job in Sahara Group was seen akin to a government job. People dreamed of being associated with this company.

Now Saharasri is no more, but as long as he was in this world, he always remained close to his admirers. From Bihar to Bengal, Gorakhpur to Lucknow, and London—Saharasri’s journey continued incessantly, establishing new milestones. He received numerous awards and honors for his unparalleled achievements as Saharasri.

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