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Wk43’22(22nd-28th Oct’22), NCCS 15+ Yrs, 24 Hrs, Rel.Share

4 Wks Rolling Avg


News18 India-15.7% DN-0.2%
TV9 Bharatvarsh-13.7% UP 0.1%
Aaj Tak-12.5% UP 0.2%
India TV-12.2% DN-0.1%
Republic Bharat-10.9% DN-0.5%
Times Now Navbharat-6.8% SAME 0.0%
ABP News-6.6% SAME 0.0%
News Nation-6.4% SAME 0.0%
Good News Today-6.0% UP 0.3%
News 24-5.6% UP 0.1%
India News-2.3% UP 0.1%
DD News-1.4% UP 0.1%


News18 UPUK-30.7% DN-2.0%
ABP Ganga-28.8% UP 0.7%
News State UUPUK-21.1% UP 1.2%
Bharat Samachar-10.8% DN-0.5%
Sahara Samay UPUK-4.8% UP 0.3%
K News India-3.3% UP 0.6%
India News UPUK-0.5% DN-0.2%


News18 MPCG-30.2% DN-1.0%
IBC 24-22.5% DN-1.6%
Bansal News-20.6% UP 0.3%
News State MPCG-15.3% UP 2.3%
News 24 MPCG-4.6% DN-0.2%
India News MPCG-3.2% UP 0.3%
Sahara Samay MPCG-2.4% DN 0.0%
Swaraj Express SMBC-1.4% UP 0.1%

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