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New Delhi: Industry Cum Orientation 2023 program was organized at the Delhi-based Dwarka campus of APEEJAY Institute of Mass Communication. The program featured the participation of Upendra Rai, Chairman, MD, and Editor-in-Chief of Bharat Express News Network.

During the program, Upendra Rai shared his experiences with aspiring journalists who are seeking their future in journalism. He discussed investigative journalism, the essence of news, and various intricacies related to the world of media. Numerous students and teachers were present on the campus during this event. He addressed the students, emphasizing that journalists should always be in tune with current trends and be fashionable. He also mentioned that today’s journalism is glamorous and has come a long way. During the program, students had the opportunity to ask Upendra Rai several questions, to which he provided candid responses, addressing their queries.

Be a Better Human First

In his address, Upendra Rai emphasized that it is most important for everyone to first become better humans. He shared a story about aspiring to become a Lama (Buddhist monk), highlighting the rigorous examination a young boy underwent under the guidance of his guru. He stated that having a guru is crucial in life, as gaining knowledge without guidance is challenging. He also mentioned that making life decisions after a certain age is essential.

Take a Step Forward Every Day

Upendra Rai encouraged the students to take a step forward every day in life. He advised them to learn something new daily, read newspapers, and expand their vocabulary. He stressed the importance of becoming fundamental individuals, representing the 21st century with pride, and separating outdated traits from their personalities.

Nation Proud of Chandrayaan-3’s Success

Upendra Rai attributed the success of Chandrayaan-3 to all the scientists of ISRO, as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He stated that the world recognizes the excellence of Indian scientists because they accomplished this mission at the lowest cost.

Insight into Upendra Rai’s 25 Years of Experience in the News Channel

Upendra Rai, Chairman, MD, and Editor-in-Chief of Bharat Express News Network, has a rich experience of 25 years in the field of journalism. A glimpse of his experiences can be seen through the Bharat Express news channel. Upendra Rai aims to provide viewers with less views and more news. The news channel, Bharat Express is committed to delivering news from the country, the world, sports, and entertainment realms with integrity, courage, and dedication.

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