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The term ‘Game Changers’ refers to a significant shift from the current way of doing things. ‘Game Changers with MJ Bharat24’ is a prime example of this, as it has revolutionised the industry by offering a unique take on talk shows in the Hindi news genre. The talk show challenges the status quo by featuring accomplished leaders from different walks of life while bringing out new aspects of their experiences. Hosted by Manoj Jagyasi, Chief Business Officer at Bharat24, the show’s engaging style of hosting makes it relatable to the audience. The guests also find it easy to connect with the audience in a conversational manner.


Manoj Jagyasi is a well-known figure in the media and entertainment industry, having worked with renowned organisations such as Zee Media, Network18, and Hindustan Unilever. With years of experience, he is a complete leader with in-depth knowledge of various industries and a proper understanding of the current changing media landscape.

One of the unique aspects of ‘Game Changers with MJ’ is the research process that goes into each episode. The show ensures that the hidden gems share their personal and professional experiences with the audience. This has led to a lot of buzz around the show, which is being broadcasted on television and available on YouTube.


Several prominent leaders have been featured on ‘Game Changers with MJ,’ including former Managing Director of AMUL- RS Sodhi, and Dr. Sanjeev Juneja, who revealed unknown facts about the Emami deal which was the second highest deal of the period. Interestingly, one of the episodes featuring Bollywood superstar Govinda has crossed 7 lakh views on YouTube and is amongst the top trending ones.


(Interview with Mr. Govinda Link: youtu.be/UJKm8Q_mBPY)

(Interview with Mr. RS Sodhi Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0RthSszHNM)

(Interview with Dr. Sanjeev Juneja Link: youtu.be/ML2N-ge2rWw )


The latest episode ‘Game Changers with MJ’ has been an insightful one featuring Mr. Shashank Srivastava, the Executive Director of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The show touched upon his journey from Bhopal-Ahmedabad-Delhi to an inspiring senior leader at Maruti Suzuki. He shared his experiences and real-life examples that were very relatable to the audience. For instance, when asked about switching jobs in today’s world, Mr. Srivastav believes that it is not common to stay in one job for 34 years. However, he has been passionately working for Maruti Suzuki since the company was well-established, and his passion for cars has kept him connected with the organisation and its consumers.


Mr. Srivastav shared an interesting story about the iconic Maruti 800 car’s first-ever customer, Sardar Harpal Singh ji. The company tried several times to retrieve the car, but it was not until Harpal Singh ji agreed to give it back that they were successful. The car was then put on display in the Maruti Suzuki office. He also discussed the differences between the features and prices of Fronx and Jimny. Both cars are 4 metres in length, making them one of the largest segments in the passenger vehicle industry. The lifestyle segment, which is focused on off-roading and portraying an image, is suited for Jimny. The segment, which is focused on technology and experiencing something new, is best suited for Fronx. The pricing for both cars will be competitive, with Fronx’s pricing between Baleno and Brezza.


Watch the episode here – (youtu.be/MZt8ySctd08)



Regarding Maruti Suzuki’s marketing strategy, Mr. Srivastav shared that the company’s total budget is around Rs 1100-1200 crores. The distribution for media includes digital, TV, print, and radio, with the majority of the target group in three effective genres: news, sports, and general entertainment.


Furthermore, when asked about the controversy surrounding the broadcasters opting out of the BARC, Mr. Srivastav shared that Maruti Suzuki has found a solution by conducting ground research to determine the discrepancy between ratings and the response from spends. He also believes that broadcasters should not have opted out of the rating system and instead remained to find a possible solution.


Overall, ‘Game Changers with MJ’ on Bharat24 has made a significant impact on the industry by offering a fresh take on talk shows in the Hindi news genre. Its unique approach to featuring accomplished leaders from various fields has been well-received by the audience, making it a popular show on both television and YouTube.

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