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ABP News is back with its pioneering show on personal finance – Fund Ka Funda. The show is focused on providing a thorough analysis about personal finance to the general public, in a simple yet comprehensive manner. Fund Ka Funda’s guiding idea is to assist the general public in managing their personal assets via information and skill rather than hearsay. Starting from 1st May, 2022, the show will be airing at 1:30 pm every Sunday for a duration of 30 minutes.

Mehraj Dube, a seasoned anchor is making a comeback with Fund Ka Funda. Mehraj has anchored popular shows like Money Mantra and Sabse Bada Rupaiya for NDTV channels. An ISB MBA, Dube currently is Head of Marketing of ABP Live and Trade Marketing.

Commenting on their collaboration with ABP News, Sachin Kumar, Founder and Managing Director, Dhanu Group said, “In today’s world, financial literacy is a highly debated topic, and we are glad to be partnering with ABP News as the channel cares about its audience and is consistently trying to bring awareness for their benefit. I am confident through this show the general public will benefit immensely as they will get to connect with investment experts.”

Speaking about their association with ABP News, Girirajan Murugan, CEO of FundsIndia, said, “I believe the Fund Ka Funda programme would be a great way of educating millions of people in one go. I congratulate ABP news in this effort of theirs to spread financial literacy and I am glad to be a part of this step toward creating a more financially literate India.”

ABP News’ Fund Ka Funda will be hosting a special guest Dhirendra Kumar, CEO, Valueresearchonline.com, on the show. He is the most bona fide voice in the mutual fund sector, as well as a global pioneer in mutual fund research. Previously, Dhirendra Kumar was the most trusted investment counsellor on the news genre, appearing on STAR News Fund Ka Funda from 2004 until 2010. He also contributes to The Economic Times and Dainik Jagran, as well as publishing financial periodicals and news portals.

The weekly themes of the show will include stories and short discussions. The show will cover the week’s major investment news and analyze its implications. The areas of key discussions during the show would be upcoming IPOs, impact of big government decisions on investment, and whether real estate prices currently are rightly valued or not. The show aims to be a one stop destination for all your investment queries.

According to a survey, 330 million people shopped online in the year 2020. However, only a small fraction of that number of people invest online. ABP News believes that there is a large number of audience waiting to invest their money at the right place with the guidance of an authentic source. ABP News’ Fund Ka Funda plans to connect with this audience and provide them with valuable insights that will help them invest their money at the right place.

Fund Ka Funda also wishes to highlight that not all investors are financially literate. The financial literacy of the country is low and there has been a huge increase in individual investors in the Indian stock market in the financial year of 2021. However, a large chunk of these investors lack the knowledge required to make financially sound decisions. Fund Ka Funda aims to help these individuals to assess all the dynamics of investment before investing their money.

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