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As India’s monumental democratic exercise unfolds with the voting process for the 18th Lok Sabha Elections currently in progress, ABP News has launched a compelling campaign ‘Jeetna Aapka Zaroori Hai’ aimed at reinforcing the significance of the nation’s voters in shaping the course of democracy – the power of the people.

ABP News’ ‘Jeetna Aapka Zaroori Hai’ (It is essential for you to win), the impactful campaign serves as an impassioned appeal from India’s most trusted channel, ABP News, urging all citizens to exercise their constitutional right and ensure their voice and choice resonate in this pivotal election. At its core, the campaign emphasizes that the true triumph in an election lies not with any political party, but with the voters themselves, who wield the power to chart the nation’s future.

Reflecting the essence of the ‘Jeetna Aapka Zaroori Hai’ campaign, Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP Network, stated: “Democracy thrives on the power of the people, by the people and for the people. Elections serve as a grand celebration of this fundamental principle, where each vote holds the potential to shape India’s destiny. Through our ‘Jeetna Aapka Zaroori Hai’ initiative, ABP News is steadfastly committed to reminding every Indian that their vote, their choice, constitutes the true victory to be achieved in this election above all else. We are rallying the nation to exercise their invaluable franchise and amplify their voices through the ballot.”

The stirring campaign’s multimedia outreach encompasses a diverse array of evocative TV and digital films depicting various aspects of the Indian electorate – showcasing individuals from diverse backgrounds and enthusiastic first-time voters alike.

As the nation’s foremost broadcaster with the distinctive pledge of ‘Aapko Rakhe Aage’ (Keeping You Ahead), ABP News has curated an unparalleled programming line-up covering ‘Kaun Banega Pradhanmantri 2024’ and ‘Lok Sabha Elections 2024’ featuring over special shows to ensure that every Indian is equipped with the necessary information to make an informed choice. From dynamic poll analytics and fact-checking to expert insights and ground reports from every corner of the country, ABP News’ elections coverage is empowering India to engage in the electoral process effectively.

Join the national movement and ensure your choice counts. #JeetnaAapkaZarooriHai with #ElectionON on ABP News. Watch the promo here – ‘Jeetna Aapka Zaroori Hai’ campaign

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