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  • TMC leads in West Bengal with 41.53% vote share followed by BJP with 34.22% vote share

ABP Network revealed the findings of its Opinion Poll for West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021, conducted alongside research partner, CNX. The opinion poll survey aims to provide a clearer picture of the high octane political season in poll-bound West Bengal.

The ABP Network-CNX survey has revealed that as per public opinion, TMC is leading in West Bengal with 41.53% vote share (154-164 seats), whereas BJP stands second with 34.22% vote share (102-112 seats), followed by Left-INC Alliance with 19.66% vote share (22-30 seats).

Vote Share

survey results
Swing   of   votes since 20162019 resultsSwing          of
votes       since 2019
Left-INC Alliance19.6637.94-18.2813.11+06.55 
(Others include GJM, which is likely to contest election with TMC alliance)                                                           

  Seat Projection
OptionsCNX         survey prediction2016 resultsChange               in
Position         since 2016
2019 resultsChange         in
Position   since 2019
(Others include GJM, which is likely to contest election with TMC alliance)

As for the methodology and survey details, a Face-to-Face survey was conducted using a structured questionnaire which was administered randomly to 9360 men and women from section A and section B households, in the age group of 18 to 60. The survey team visited 117 out of the 294 Assembly seats in the states going deep into by-lanes and meeting people from all walks of life. The respondents were selected randomly keeping in view the demographic, professional and migration dimensions. The results are subject to a margin of error: 2.5 percent.

The survey was conducted from 15th February to 23rd February 2021.

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