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  • 73.1% of the respondents want the government to make the COVID-19 vaccine free for everyone under this budget  
  • In terms of providing relief to farmers, 31.6% believe fertilizer & seeds will be made cheaper, whereas 25.7% think that the govt. will announce a big package
  • 54.6% are of the opinion that govt. should take some steps to revive the real-estate sector

Noida, 31st January 2021: With an aim to capture the common man’s outlook and expectations from the Annual Budget 2021, ABP-CVoter revealed the findings of a comprehensive Pre-Budget Snap poll. Conducted alongside research partner CVoter (Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research), the ABP-CVoter Pre-Budget Snap Poll has provided a clearer picture of the citizens’ standpoint on various pertinent issues & concerns associated with this year’s budget.

As per the survey, 72.7% of the respondents believed that the government should provide relief to the tax payers because of the financial losses faced by them during the COVID-19 period. On the other hand, 20.2% disagreed.

On whether they received financial relief from the steps taken by the government during the COVID-19 period, 65.9% respondents said that they didn’t get any, whereas 28.8% said they got relief. The remaining 5.3% couldn’t decide.

When asked, ‘Should the government make health care products and medicines affordable?’, a whopping 91.5% respondents said Yes.

In terms of providing relief to farmers, 31.6% respondents believed that fertilizer & seeds will be made cheaper, whereas 25.7% said that they expect the govt. to announce a big package. 15.6% said the government will not do anything and 10.6% were of the belief that they will increase MSP.

When asked, ‘What steps do you think the government will undertaketo revive the tourism sector which has slowed down?’, 28.6% respondents said that a package will be announced, 28.1% believed that other reliefs will be provided, 23.3% were of the opinion that nothing will be done.

On whether the government should increase the tax exemption limit on health insurance, 67.4% said Yes, 21.6% said No, and remaining 10.9% couldn’t say.

With India slowly recovering from the pandemic, 53.7% of the respondents think that the economy will be back on track soon considering the speed at which the Sensex is growing, whereas 35.4% disagreed and 10.9% couldn’t decide.

Moreover, 74.4% of the respondents believed that the government would spend as much as possible to revive the economy.

The sample size of the ABP-CVoter Pre-Budget Snap Poll was 1,524. 

Furthermore, to recapitulate and scrutinize the intricacies of the Budget 2021, ABP News will also be conducting a Budget Conclave on 2nd February, 2021. This will involve a series of panel discussions on the budget announcement – along with an analytical discussion on the ‘expectation’ & ‘reality’ of the budget. The conclave will be marked by the honourable presence of Nitin Gadkari, Smriti Irani, Narendra Singh Tomar, Anurag Thakur, Kapil Sibal, Prakash Javadekar, and Gajendra Shekhawat.

Given the popularity of the special programming, the Budget Conclave is expected to engage a lot of viewers. In fact, ABP News’ Budget Programming has been the preferred choice of the masses since years. The channel was No. 1 during the Budget Conclave Day last year. (2nd Feb 2020, 1100-1600 HRS)

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