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ABP Network’s premium digital platform, Uncut has once again proven its mettle by amply reporting the first round of India vs Pakistan group stage Asia Cup cricket 2022 in Dubai. It has shown its commitment in providing exceptional programming, relatable and engaging content around the match for its viewers. This match was one of the most highly anticipated games of the tournament, and Uncut’s coverage did a bang-up job. From start to finish, viewers have been treated with fan interaction, analysis, and exclusive content. This is just one example of the great programming that Uncut has to offer. Uncut’s distinctive tonality has also worked well with millennials.

The first sharpening match between India and Pakistan that took place in Dubai on August 28 was covered by Uncut with in-depth featuring stories from the ground. Uncut’s distinct coverage had over 50 million+ video views in four days on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The special programming included plenty of information about the teams’ daytime and night-time practices and pre-match & post-match fan interaction. In addition to this, the programming included an exclusive interview with Pakistan’s cricket team’s head coach, Waqar Younis, where he talked about his team’s strategies and daily preparation. This is a rare opportunity to get insights from one of the greatest bowlers of all time.

Uncut strives to draw a diverse following of fans and players by it’s a digital platform that gives news & non news content to its viewers in an offbeat & contemporary manner. Its band of professional journalists granted fans access to a detailed account of the match, helping to keep viewers captivated through its coverage. Uncut’s specialized programming added to the fan experience by offering expansive conversation in Dubai. It’s coverage of the match was complemented by post-match shows and analyses, which gave viewers insight into the game.

Some of the Youtube videos are as following:

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