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The podcast platform introduces a special series for Ramzan as well

Noida, 16th April 2021: Extending its commitment towards providing top-notch content to its viewers on their preferred platform, ABP Network’s digital arm – ABP Live has introduced a suite of new programming within its audio content catalogue. Being an undisputed leader across platforms, ABP Network has successfully captured its viewers’ attention via unique and engaging content on digital. Now, as Indians rediscover their love for storytelling in audio form, ABP Live has been ahead of the curve in delivering fresh and thought-provoking podcasts in a variety of languages.

Currently functioning as a full-fledged content production and publishing house with expertise in various genres like News, Fiction, Sports, Health, Finance, Bollywood, Mythology, Music, Crime, etc. ‘ABP Live podcasts’ has 16 original podcasts under its catalogue which translates to over 50 hours of audio content.

The suite of new programming offered by the platform covers a wide range of relatable topics and interesting shows such as: Car Mein Patrakar’ – a weekly show wherein a renowned journalist and ABP News’ star anchor Sumit Awasthi indulge in a candid conversation with a popular celebrity. The first season of this show has already witnessed 18 eminent personalities from Bollywood, Politics, Sports, Literature, talking about their personal life in the audio podcast. Another series called ‘FYI-For Your Information’ is a series of audio explainers which talk about everything under the sun that holds relevance for the common man. Along with an anchor monologue and an explainer, this show features experts who shower their knowledge on different aspects of life. This series comes out with a fresh episode every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; News In Depth’ is a weekly news podcast hosted by a veteran journalist Vijay Vidrohi, wherein he garnishes the news with his unbiased point of view and his years of experience in journalism.

What’s more is that, ABP Live Podcasts has also revealed a special series on the holy month of Ramzan. The creators of ABP Live Podcasts are aware of and understand the Indian milieu in every respect. They believe that Ramzan, Eid, Diwali, or any other festival is not one particular community’s festival. Instead, everyone in India is curious about anything that spreads happiness and joy amongst communities and in this case that source of happiness and positivity are ‘festivals’.

Therefore, to quench the thirst of Indians – for knowledge and understanding of a festival or a community, they have initiated this special series. The series is scripted and hosted by Sahiba Khan. It explains the significance of Ramzan – The ‘What, Why, Where, Who, When’ and The ‘How’ of it – essentially providing a guide about Ramzan to the listeners. This series ends with a blasting Qawwali night podcast, straight from the nooks and corners of Hazrat Nizamuddin’s court.  

This series is definitely going to hit a nerve with the Indian audiences, especially those who are looking for interesting and knowledgeable content in the budding audio circuit. Users can follow the below mentioned link or scan the below mentioned bar code to access this brand new podcast series.


Furthermore, the ABP Live Podcasts team has also been innovating in the podcasting space by fusing ASMR in their content and audio dramas, to provide the listeners with an immersive storytelling experience.

The network has also launched a special campaign to promote the burgeoning podcast culture and make the viewers aware about ABP Network’s new offerings. The videos of this campaign have taglines such as ‘Screen Off, Jaankari Shuru’ – emphasising that people can listen to the podcasts whilst doing other tasks, and don’t have to be glued to their screens all the time. They can simply just listen to stay updated!

Another tagline used in the campaign called ‘Suna Kya?’ intends to communicate directly with the viewers/followers of ABP Network. Since ABP Network is a well-known content producer and news-maker, the network wanted to instigate the viewers with the question of whether or not they have heard their podcasts yet.

On these new offerings, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network said, “At ABP Network, our goal has always been to provide top-notch content to our viewers on every platform. Now, as the demand for on-demand audio content increases, we want to ensure that our viewers and followers have the option to listen to quality podcasts as well. ABP Live podcasts provide a diversity of original content to the listeners that is smart, culturally-relevant, highly information-driven, and filled with invigorating conversations. We hope the people will relish these new offerings.”   

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