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Role: English Content Associate

Experience: 1-2 years 

Location: Gurgaon / Virtual till lockdown opens

Position Summary:

We are hiring an English Content Associate – This role is for an Alchemist, someone who can extract the essence of a person’s life and help them tell their story in the most impactful and inspirational manner. You are an – Adapted Screenplay Writer- who takes a script and adapts it for the screen – in the form of a powerful speech, in this case. Prior experience in public speaking will give you an edge.

As an English Content Associate you will:-

– Work with a diverse set of speakers and curate their talks in the most telling manner that resonates with our target audience.

– Rigorously work with and train our speakers specifically in areas of voice modulation and body language and should be able to direct and improve a speaker’s stage performance.

– Design and execute a content strategy to increase views and engagement (likes, comments, AWT, shares, and subscriptions).


– Excellent communication & articulation skills.

-A proven track record and background in media/radio jockey/creative writing/ copywriting/theatre/relevant performing arts is a plus.

– Willing to travel and meet new people.

– Passionate about the vision of Josh Talks; which is to unlock human potential through the power of storytelling.

– Should be able to make practical suggestions and work long hours including weekends when needed.

– A bachelor’s degree.


Imagine an organization with a mission as strong as “Unlocking Human Potential” led by a force of 100 people with the average age of 25. We are not easy people to deal with. 

We are stubborn and our meetings are war rooms where people who feel more passionate about a particular idea always win. We believe in failing at one new thing every quarter and every team works towards that. We love our chai so we have 6 different types across 2 machines supported with Jiyar Bhaiya’s smile every time you take a cup. If you are used to an admin fixing the internet or a travel assistant booking your tickets this is not the place for you. We hustle to get things done and celebrate that hustle every last Friday of the month in our comic town hall. What we can truly offer you apart from a lot of smiles, hugs and shoutouts is the tangible impact that you will see come to life every single day that you come to work here. 


This is a full-time job, based in our Gurgaon office. Pay is competitive. We actively seek teammates from diverse backgrounds, and we only hire extremely driven people.

The Josh Core team is composed of people who are ambitious and intend to create something that is bigger than themselves. Things that will last forever and will go on to impact and change the world. We have big dreams that are backed by our relentless pursuit to achieve them. 

We like no-nonsense, get shit done kind of people and keep things simple. If you are super interested you can also write to me directly at devraj@joshtalks.com.

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