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Inshorts is looking for people to work as Content Specialists in Hindi language. Eligibility criteria include an experience of 1-3 years in the field of Hindi media. Interested candidates can send their CV at hindiopenings@inshorts.com

Job Description

We are looking for candidates adept in Hindi language with significant experience in the same field.

Responsibilities for CONTENT SPECIALIST 

>Reviewing and publishing video bites.

>Writing/Editing video headlines.

> Writing news summaries.

>Verifying all the facts in a particular story before publishing

>Checking for the authenticity and accuracy of the news

>Ensuring importance of the news videos and making sure it is appropriate for the app

Desired Skills/Qualification

>Strong command over Hindi language

>Prioritising news video/articles based on their importance, time sensitivity, location etc.  

>General awareness of News

>Good at spotting mistakes

>Sound logical skills

>Experience of 1-3 years

Location: Noida

CTC: As per market standards

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