ABP LIVE Andorid App for In-Car Entertainment and News Experience
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ABPLIVE is thrilled to announce the expansion of its digital offerings with the launch of a pioneering Android app for in-car entertainment and information service. ABPLIVE is the first in India and globally among few news publications, to offer content directly via the Car Play store, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and accessibility in news dissemination. ABPLIVE already has its presence in four mobile apps including ABPLIVE, ABP Nadu, ABP Desam, WahCricket, available on Google Android, iOS, Vivo Playstores and 6+ CTV Native Apps (Android, FireTV, JioTV, LGos, MI Patchwall, Apple TV).

Key Features of the ABPLIVE Android App

·         Handpicked Podcasts: Users can listen to a curated selection of podcasts, enhancing the in-car listening experience.

·         Live TV Streaming: Stay updated with live news coverage directly on the car’s infotainment system.

·         Customisable Playback Controls: Listeners can control and adjust the playback speed of podcasts according to their preference.

·         Global Availability: Accessible in over 190 countries, catering to a global audience.

·         Wide Compatibility: The app supports more than 500 car models and stereo systems that are compatible with Android Auto Car Play.

·         Multilingual Support: Live TV streams in multiple languages, with Marathi, Gujarati, and Bangla to be included in future updates.

·         Extensive Device Support: Compatible with Android 11.0 devices, Google or Samsung phone with Android 10.0Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or Note 8, with Android 9.0

Emphasising the core value of staying ahead of the curve and being ‘limitless’, Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP Network, said, “ABPLIVE has always been a torch bearer in the field of tech innovation in India and this launch once again has put ABP on the world map as one of the leading publishers globally aiming to enrich car driving experience of millions across the globe.”

Here’s how you can access ABPLIVE Android App for in-car entertainment:

·         Go to Google Play Store

·         Search for “ABPLIVE Auto App”

·         Install the app on your Android smartphone

·         Connect the phone to any Android Car Play, or other compatible devices in your car

·         Enjoy live news streaming and podcasts curated specifically for in-car listening

Download now: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abplive.auto.android

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