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josh talks ने कम्युनिकेशन एसोसिएट की भर्ती निकाली है. इस पोस्ट के लिए आपकोसोशल मीडिया हैंडल के लिए सामग्री तैयार करना और प्रबंधित करना. लघु विषयगत वीडियो का उपयोग और स्क्रिप्टिंग प्रस्तुतिकरण, प्रेस विज्ञप्ति और समाचार पत्र जैसे संचार कोलाटर बनाना और सभी बाहरी कम्युनिकेशन की क्वालिटी को देखना सुनिश्चित करना कार्यकारी प्रवक्ताओं के लिए विचार नेतृत्व के अवसरों की पहचान करना पीआर अवसरों के लिए प्रमुख संदेश का मसौदा तैयार करना संगठन में टीमों के साथ नियमित रूप से संपर्क करना और परामर्श करना जैसे काम होगे.इस पद की भर्ती के लिए एक वर्ष का अनुभव मांगा गया है ध्यान रहें अऩुभव में इंटर्नशीप भी जोड़ा जा सकता है.

The Communications Team is often juggling between exciting and diverse projects – from building a new website or launching a book – to executing social media campaigns and running various initiatives to establish a strong brand presence amongst Josh’s external stakeholders. As a member of this team, you will be in the thick of things and work with different teams that make Josh Talks tick, create communications collateral, support special projects such as Josh Dialogues and other day-to-day activities of the team. You will also get an opportunity to interact with Josh’s loyal audience and create an impact that is visible. 

Your daily work would include the following:

  • Designing and managing content for social media handles
  • Ideating and scripting short thematic videos 
  • Creating communication collaterals such as presentations, press releases and newsletters 
  • Building partnerships/collaborations aligned with Josh’s mission 
  • Ensuring quality control of all external communications
  • Identifying thought leadership opportunities for the executive spokespeople
  • Drafting key messages for PR opportunities
  • Interfacing and consulting regularly with teams across the organisation

Ideal Candidate 

  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Ability to write well and write fast (for diverse mediums and formats such as social media posts, partner proposals, websites etc.) 
  • Experienced in graphic design (Canva counts too!)
  • Experienced in basic video scripting and editing
  • Meticulously organised and flexible in a dynamic working environment 
  • Get shit done’ attitude

Minimum Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Strong ability and willingness to write for different audiences
  • At least 1 year of relevant work experience (Internships count as well!) 

Apply Interested candidates can send their updated CV and cover letter to megha@joshtalks.com with the subject line ‘Application for Communications Associate’

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